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Established in 2017, Pravara is a Software Development Company with proven track record. We are passionately engaged in providing the best Software Solutions to our worldwide clientele. We believe in adopting emerging technologies as per our client’s needs.

We drive innovation. Our Software Development team builds the most professional, scalable and robust IT Solutions for our clients. The software services are built by a team which has competent individuals who have a good hand in almost all the old and new technologies. You can also hire Software Developers and reduce your in-house costs.

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Our Services

Sourcing Candidates

IT recruiters may work on attracting applicants passively, or may actively reach out to prospective employees individually.

Screening Candidates

Once an individual expresses interest and enters the application process, recruiters screen the candidate for the client company's job requirements and qualifications, as well as checking to ensure a good fit with company culture.

Arranging Interviews

If the candidate passes the initial stage of assessment, the recruiter arranges interviews between the job candidate and key staff within the client company.

Coordinating Compensation Packages

After the decision is made to offer the position to the candidate, the recruiter explains the compensation package the company is offering and helps navigate any negotiation over salary and other benefits.

Companies Recruiters Work With

Working with a wide range of companies, since nearly every industry, from media to commerce, requires IT employees. Including both permanent positions and temporary, project-based jobs.

24/7 Support

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Our Team

Vani Gopishetty


Sreedhar Gopishetty


Shalini Bhukya


Sampath Kumar Namburu

Web Developer

Vasanth Nayak Bhukya

Web Developer

Aakarsh Gopishetty

Web Developer


Web Developer

Rajesh Bethi






Mounika Konathapally


Veera Latha Sri Jadala


Ediga Chandana - Tarun


Deepak Barchha


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Call: +91 92472-44177
Monday-Friday (2pm-10pm)

Email: info@pravaratech.com
Web: www.pravaratech.com

Location: H.No: 2-7-1303; Vijayapal Colony 2,
Waddepally, Hanamkonda, Telangana, INDIA - 506370

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